Cox CX0300 Diesel Marine Outboard Engine


Introducing the new CXO300 diesel engine, 

the world's first 300hp diesel outboard engine.

Exceptional performance with the reassurance of 

proven V8 diesel technology.

When purchasing a Cox Powertrain diesel outboard motor you are buying more than an engine, you are acquiring a new level of service and care that comes standard with all our products. We have defined service standards to ensure you don’t lose a week’s worth of revenue, or that fishing weekend you have been planning for weeks, because your engine is down.  

As a result Cox diesel outboard marine customers will be able to raise a claim through the push of a button on the Cox App, you will be assigned a case manager whose sole purpose is to have your engine up running as quickly as possible and will manage the case every step of the way. The Cox after sales team will have real time visibility of each and every case to ensure our service standards are being met by our dealer network wherever you are in the world. We offer an engine substitution programs for those customers who cannot afford down time and a true 24/7 customer service to ensure there is always somebody available to attend our customers no matter the time of day, or night.

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News Alert

Cox Powertrain has today announced that its 300hp diesel outboard has successfully achieved EPA Tier 3 approval for commercial and recreational applications. As the CXO300 is a new design built for purpose, Cox has had to work with the EPA to go through a rigorous testing process for an OEM engine.


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